It all starts right here.  I swear everything falls into place when the love for yourself is big and grand.
This was something I shared w my client and am now sharing with everyone because it’s too damn good.  This is the secret piece that so many of us our missing.  We dont love ourselves enough.  Why take care of something you don’t love???  If we can mend the relationship with ourselves then everything else improves.  I know because I’ve been there…

Years of self hate.  Years of body dismorphia.  Years of putting myself down for all sorts of reasons, not just one.  Maybe the following sounds familiar:

“No one wants you.  You’re not as pretty.  God, if I could only look like her.  You don’t make enough money, they’ll never associate with you.  Why would he want to date you??  If I lose that cellulite around my butt and thighs then maybe ill be good enough.”  

I’d say I started to successfully make a change in my thought patterns 2 years ago.  It started with little post it notes reminding myself that I was OK where I was.  This covered relationships with my body, money, job placement, intimacy, everything.  Such a simple act has made such a difference.  I’d say it’s the easiest and quickest way to start your journey to bettering your relationship with yourself.  My practice has deepened over time.  I will vocally compliment myself and others, something I never EVER did.  And each time I swear it feels better and better.  Mantras help quite a bit as well.  I’ll sit, or drive, or walk, and repeat some of the following mantras:

I am graceful.  I am OK.  I am beautiful.  I am strong.  I am sexy.  I am joyful.  I am unique. I am special.  I am kind.  I am important.  

As my hateful self talk has been replaced by more positive conversations I have noticably changed.  My heart is warmer, my smile more grand.  There’s a weight that’s been lifted.  And God is it amazing!  I want to educate and empower you to feel that same thing.  

In the coming weeks, #100daysofconsistency will be starting.  How will you change in 100 days?  How would you like to see your relationship with yourself improve?  Start thinking about that now and get ready for a beautiful lifelong journey with a new radiant self as your best friend 💜💚💙