118 days left til summer officially starts.  And?  And I don’t want to feel how I feel right now?  Which is?  Stressed, a bit lost, overwhelmed, anxious, and more out of touch with my body then I’d like to be.  Shit happens, and that it did.

For me this proposed 100 days of consistency is going to be about way more than just looking good.  I want to find my best, radiant self within those 100 days and then I want to keep that.  That radiant self is someone I know, she just happened to get caught up in some shit.  Too many commitments, bills that exceeded my income, lack of work and then too much work, dating and all its messiness, car troubles, and more.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  We all get overwhelmed at some point.  What’s important is that we don’t stay overwhelmed.  We take a deep breath, assess, take some notes, make some changes.  Stopping to breath is such a fabulous reset button.  And it’s fucking free!  Imagine that!  We were designed with our own reset button and it doesn’t cost a thing…Who would of thought.

In 18 days I hope some of you join me and try to find your best, most radiant self.  We will be on a quest to hear our inner voice and actually listen to it.  This may cause some ruffling of feathers, most likely your own, but it’s all part of the process leading to growth and sustainable happiness.  Some things to aid in the process will be:

  • Morning yoga with some uber chill tunes, a shot of a super tonic and of course coffee, cause no matter what I’m not giving that up
  • Slowing down a bit.  We all take on too much damn shit.  We are going to learn to be ok with saying “No thank you”.
  • Daily movement.  Yes, daily.  Your body was meant to move, woman!  Too many of us shlep our bodies around without much consideration for the amount of exercise it needs in order to run optimally.
  • Daily dose of gratitude.  In fact, right now, in this very moment, stop and comment with something that you are grateful for.
    • I am grateful for this present moment where I feel truly connected to a passion.  This is a passion that’s existed for awhile but is now becoming louder and more familiar as I gain confidence and comfort in my own body and mind.
  • Assessing conditioned responses.  Details to come.
  • Self-love and examining your practice of it.  We can all use a little more self-love!