It’s February 21st and I feel sluggish, drained, and ever so soft, all things I don’t like.  In an attempt to fix this I am proposing that you join me in 19 days for 100 days of consistency.  Thats right, 100 days of staying the course.  What’s the course you ask?  Good question….I’m designing my own plan of attack right now and I will share it with you.

For those that live in Boulder/Denver I want to meet up for training sessions, and girl talks.  Wait, what?  Girl talks?  Yea!  Like little pow wows where we can vent or forge new ideas and become even more badass.  For those that don’t live here but still want to have support there will be a facebook page where we can have ongoing discussions and challenges to keep us all motivated and on track.

Are you in?  Are you going to join me?  I can do it solo but I think having some ladies join me will just make it that much more fun and who doesn’t like fun?!