For those who say eating healthy is too expensive

Your girl here is broker than broke.  Let’s just say a series of unfortunate events have taken place and such events have cost money…more money than I have.  I’m in penny pinching mode folks.  Is that even still a thing???  I wish I had some geeked out meal prep photo to share with you all but I don’t.  All I have is this stock photo of Whole Foods frozen vegetables.  Don’t be fooled by the organic label.  No, no, no.  Remember, this is merely a stock photo.  I bought the poisoned bags.  Conventional, surely filled with enormous amounts of pesticides!  I seriously contemplated surviving off a week of canned tuna and what I have on hand for protein powder.  But that’d leave me with no variety which is a pitfall in terms of taste and nutritional value.  So I did the next best thing and bought a mixed variety of frozen vegetables, some cooped up, non-free range chicken thighs, and a apple-cider vinaigrette that just happened to be on sale.


Eggwhites + spinach + tomato


Smoothie of pumpkin + Vega Sport vanilla protein powder + cinnamon + nutmeg + unsweetened almond milk


Smoothie of mixed super greens + blueberries + banana + Vega Sport vanilla protein powder + unsweetened almond milk

Lunches & Dinners

Skinless chicken thighs + a blend of mixed vegetables + apple cider vinaigrette


Pan seared cod with sauteed haricot vert in garlic and olive oil with sliced olive medley


Apple + protein powder mixed with just water


Baby carrots and jalepano lime hummus


Forager plain yogurt cause it’s just that good