What is your go to when it comes to music?  What service do you use?  I seem to have a problem with streamlining my music and instead of fixing it I continue to use three platforms:  Spotify, Soundcloud, and GooglePlay.  I can’t seem to settle with one because I find there are perks to each.  Spotify tends to offer me the most popular music which can be helpful for classes as well as sharing playlists amongst friends cause they also seem to all have spotify.  Soundcloud is my go to for finding new music.  Yes I gravitate to house (acid house is a big fav right now) but I can also find some really low tempo chill beats here.  Google Play has made it easy for me to make new discoveries in my other love, a blend of folk, rock, and bluegrass.  Here are links to my playlists from January within each platform:

Spotify: revamped my account and am starting fresh so follow me @ kari_thefitchick to check out what’s being added for February!

Soundcloud:  January Drifts

GooglePlay: Tracks to share: January