Big news Boulder Mama’s!  I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Bloom Method team!  You can expect me to be leading a few classes a week over at the Daily Method on 30th St.  You are welcome to enjoy your first class for free and come see how the Bloom Method can help you feel like the badass mama you are!



Find the schedule HERE

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to not only continue to educate and train women here in Boulder but to also learn from and work alongside Brooke Cates, the founder of the Bloom Method.  Brooke and myself believe that pregnancy is a period in a womans’ life where she can capitalize on her fitness, birthing a healthy beautiful newborn and possessing a body that is in better shape than it was prior to pregnancy.  Brooke has created a successful training program consisting of methods that are proving to be the bees-knees when it comes to pre and postnatal fitness.  This woman knows what she’s talking about and I am psyched to be a part of it!

I’m just a little bit excited about this…and here’s why:  My beliefs

I think that many women believe they can’t handle pregnancy, that they can’t possibly handle a birth.  Our society tells us this.  Without getting too deep here, I believe that I am here to empower women.  At first this was just with fitness and nutrition but as my pre and postnatal population of clients grew, so did my interest in pregnancy.  I heard the fears, I saw tears, and I also saw the lack of confidence and support.  I saw and read about all the conflicting information.  There is no 100% right way to go about pregnancy and motherhood.  I am not here to preach any specific set of rules.  But I am here to uplift women.  I am here to remind women that pregnancy is one of the most powerful acts of the human body and that they have been chosen to handle it.  Men were not chosen to handle the growth and passing of another human being through their body.  Nope.  We were.  We were chosen because we can handle it.  We are strong enough.  Mentally and physically.  Implementing the exercises found within the Bloom Method will improve both your physical and mental wellbeing.

How so?  Think of pregnancy as an event that you need to train for.  A classic comparison would be a marathon.  Someone preparing for a marathon, an event that lasts 3-6hrs depending on your pace, will train consistently for 12-18weeks.  How about pregnancy?  Well, typically a womans’ first birth will send her into about 12-24hrs of labor.  And what training takes place leading up to this?  Not much!  What if we changed our approach?  What if we trained for birth consistently a few times a week, every week, leading up to the big day?  Chances are the amount of time spent in labor would be reduced along with some other phenomenal benefits:

  • improved immunity
  • increased energy
  • increased endurance
  • decreased risk of depression
  • decreased risk of diastasis recti
  • less weight gained
  • decreased risk of gestational diabetes
  • decreased risk of preeclampsia
  • less likely to need pain medication (epidural)
  • decreased likelihood of needing a c-section
  • decreased likelihood of needing Petocin

There are numerous other benefits but I personally think one of the greatest is simply feeling amazing in your skin, even if it’s stretched out in front of you looking like your hiding a beach ball under it all.  I want to help women feel that internal glow, the one that can be seen during pregnancy but can also be held there as a constant.  I want to show you how.  Yes, you!  Prenatal, postnatal, or simply disconnected from your body and your core.  Come find me at the Dailey Method and I’ll lead you down a path of body enlightenment!