super-fluSuper Flu on Google Play Music

Last night was a fun one.  I was pretty tired heading into Vinyl last night and didn’t really know what to expect from Super Flu as I had never even heard of them until this past week.  Some would say I live under a rock.  I say Im just a somewhat lazy music hunter and prefer to be either randomly rocked and revived or disappointedly flat lined.  Last night I was revived so thank you solo Super Flu-er.

After wrapping up a little random, last-minute photoshoot in Denver, my body was actually pretty sore and tight.  My back felt like I had tried to stick my ass out as far as I could for 2 hours.  I did not do such a thing and if you have patience I’m sure in a week or so you’ll see that I was just being all bendy and aiming to be the best little yogini I could be.  Regardless, this was not my ideal body condition for letting loose on the dance floor but I sucked it up and gave what I could.

The music kept me going, as it almost always does.  The crowd was digging it and you could’ve rode on everyones energy for a solid 2 hour set.  Dance parties with complete strangers and people who were once complete strangers but are now your people will also keep you going.  As Milli would say, “just keep moving girl!  It’s just exercise!” ❤