Self care is fundamental to happiness.  If you don’t believe that then you probably aren’t happy 😛

For me, self care often times starts with what I fuel my body with.  Also with slowing down and actually being in-tune to the meal that I am eating at that very moment and not wolfing down whatever’s in front of me.  Prepping out my food for the week has always worked really well for me and I swear it’s not that hard nor complicated.  It may look boring but I swear it’s not.

On the menu for this week

Lunch and Dinner:

  • Ground turkey with pan roasted zucchini and spinach
  • Blackened chicken breast with sautéed carrots, peppers, and green beans
  • Kale salad with spiralized beets, cherry tomatoes, and pan roasted sweet potatoes tossed in olive oil and sea salt

Extras that will either be used as is or added to eggwhites:

  • Blackened chicken
  • Caramelized red onion
  • Zucchini and Spinach roast
  • Avocado

Snacks will be:

  • Vega Sport, Vanilla, mixed with decaf chai and unsweetened almond milk for bedtime or just water during the day
  • Celery and Apples
  • Yogurt- either Icelandic (with milk) or cashew (so damn good!)
  • sauerkraut, homemade deliciousness!