What a fabulous life I lead!  I mean, for real!  I have to continually pinch myself and make sure this is real.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel with a family as their nanny.  Truth of the matter is, I never feel like I’m working.  I feel like a member of their family.  Someone who is as close to being right there as I can while still allowing space for them to be the beautiful little family that they are.  I don’t feel like an employee, I feel like a close friend.  It’s all such a beautifully unique and humbling experience.

This adventure led us to the UK, where we hopped around visiting family.  We started in the southeast region, headed to the northeast, regrouped back in the southeast, then headed to an area close to the Welsh border, up in the northwest region.  I saw some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen, along with the most quaint little English gardens.  I drank plenty of ales and ciders and ate the best homemade, fresh baked bread of my life.  With lots of butter.

We ate fabulous home cooked meals, so when you say English food is bland, I beg to differ.  These people knew how to cook! Curries, proper English pot roast, munkjack deer cooked over an open fire in the backyard, roasted lamb, and crumpets.  Delicious crumpets.

I drank probably more caffeine than I do in a normal day to day basis which blows my mind. I expanded my pallette beyond coffee to explore the world of teas.  Some favorites were Lady Grey, chai, and a lovely vanilla rooibos.

I tried to stay active and most days was able to at least fit in a walkalong with a little circuit using my own bodyweight and bands.  Again, grateful beyond words, I was provided with a guest pass to a local gym, my little iron mecca, TGM Fitness.

I explored London one weekend and loved it.  I will say that I thought the population reminded me of Boston in that people were not very extroverted.  If one was with a group, they stayed in their group.  Those walking around solo, remained solo.  So my Saturday was not as lively as I thought but I embraced it.  When the time came for dinner I ate at this fabulous little vegan/vegetarian restaurant and while sitting there I decided I’d try a stay in a hostel. I walked my way over to HOME London and called it a night.  I was one tired pup.

Will I go back?  Absolutely.  Will I hop around again?  Mmnhmm.