303Fitness on Trainerize

Want to train with me?  Want to use the same workouts that I have used to create the body that I now have?  Want to improve your overall fitness, conditioning, skin and muscle tone?  Want to develop more confidence in yourself and begin to actually love your body?


I have teamed up with Trainerize to begin to offer my services in an online format for those that don’t live here in Boulder.  Trainerize is a free app that allows me to provide you with workouts and allows me to follow your progress and really step in as a coach.  You track each workout and in doing so I can really monitor your progress and make adjustments when needed.

I have been running a free pilot program for 2 months now and it’s been hugely successful!  I have clients reporting to me that they’ve never felt better, they’ve lost weight, their jeans are no longer fitting like they used to, and that their stamina has improved tremendously.

I am ready to take on new clients and am looking for a new group to start on November 1st.  Each program is $50 and lasts 8 weeks.  I currently have the following programs to choose from:

-Reshape your Glutes and Legs (requires gym equipment)

-Full Body at Home Workouts (requires a looped resistance band and dumbbells)

-HIIT Program, one of the most effective ways to lose weight (requires gym equip)

-Strength Training for Your Entire Body (requires gym equip)

If you are interested in one of these programs please contact me and let’s begin!

Link to my Trainerize page: 303 Fitness

(413) 374-7620