adversities-quotes-6.jpgWhat is adversity?  Can it mean different things to different people?  Adversity is a noun defined as difficulties (broad definition at best).  We all face them, and yes, they almost always are seen differently through each independent set of eyes.  What may be classified as a challenge to you may seem like a walk in the park to me or typical daily happenings, where as what I see as adversity may never apply to someone tied to a 9 to 5 desk job.  No matter what the situation or difficulty, how we deal with adversity can essentially make or break us.


Life has been pleasantly strange as of late.  The adversity that I am facing is both out of my control as well as completely within my control.  In regards to the matters that are within my control, I tend to rely on these words:

“If you don’t like something, change it…”- Maya Angelou

Change is good.  Adversity is good.  Growth occurs and we are in control of where that growth leads us.  Don’t let the little things turn into big things.  Smile often.  Work diligently towards specific goals.  When a challenge arises, tackle it.  If you face defeat, get back up and try again with vigor.  Make this life what you want it to be ❤