*This post refers to the Crossfit Open.  Follow the link for exact details on what the open is.

The open is coming!  This will be my very first open and I’m so pumped to take part in it!  I’m not entirely nervous at this point, mostly due to not knowing what to expect.  I know it’s going to be hard and I know I’ll get nervous before attempting each workout but for right now my focus is dedicated to being healthy, fit, and limber for this 5 week long event.  So what’s that entail?  Conditioning thru my crossfit workouts, rowing intervals, stadium runs, cycling, and mobility work on a nightly basis thru yoga, foam rolling, and working with the dreaded lacrosse ball.

-30 minutes steady state incline walking
-Crossfit (strength piece:  back squats with 2 second pause; wod: 3-2-1 min on dubs & kbs).  I suck at dubs so this is crucial work for me.  Linking 10 right now is huge and way better than where I was with 2 at a time.  This tells me there is hope! 
-Cycle conditioning:  3 minute warmup followed by dynamic stretching for 3 minutes.  Then 3 minute rides, building the resistance up every 30 seconds, paired with: 10 squat jumps, 10 pushups, 1 minute plank, 30 sec side planks.  Complete for 40 minutes.
-Olympic lifting at Ruya, unsure of what the programmed lifts/sets are.
-Mobility: tonight I’ll be following along with this prenatal yoga video.  Easy now!  Not because I’m pregnant!  A client pregnant with twins and limitations due to said pregnancy needs this kind of stretching and what better way to instruct than by do. 
-Cycle, 20 minutes steady state.  Nice easy ride.
-Yoga, 20 minutes consisting of a morning flow and a few inversions. 
-40 minutes spent swapping between double under work and the following: 5 strict pullups, 5 strict ring dips, 30 sec hold in the “catch” of a muscle up, and 30 sec hollow hold on the rig.
-Hike Mt Sanitas with my best pal


-Mobility, 20 minutes foam rolling and stretching while sipping tea, not wine, on the floor with my dog
-Walk with Penny, 40 minutes
-Olympic lifting at Ruya
-Bedtime yoga flow, 20 minutes, with tea
Lighter day
-Hike along Flagstaff or Flatirons with my girl
-Apex Movement to flip around for an hour
-Ruya Build, shifts back to my old bodybuilder-type workouts
-Sleep, cause damn now I’m beat!
Lighter day
-rowing intervals; 500 m repeats, aiming for under 2 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of recovery
-Winter Wondergrass!  Dance for a few hours!
-Yoga?  Drop in somewhere,  either Radiance Power Yoga or Core Power.
-rest!  And get ready for another kickass week!