Each day for the remainder of the week I am doing the following exercises.  If I can’t do a straight set (the entire planned workout) I will break it up, fitting in bits and pieces where and when I can.  My days are jammed and this is what keeps me going!  Join me!  Every little bit is worth your time!
-20 minutes cycling, steady state to keep my mind clear
-10 rounds of 10 air squats and 10 sit ups with 15 seconds rest in between
-2 to 5 mile walk with the dog
-early a.m walk with the dog (at least 20minutes, fast paced as it’s chilly!)
-10 sets of 20 glute bridges along with 10 single leg glute bridges/leg with 15 seconds rest in between
-20 minutes of intervals on stairs (or in my case stair climber).  Vary between moderate pace for 1 min and faster pace for 1 min.  Take longer rests when needed.
-20 V-ups for 10 sets, broken up throughout my day
-10 rounds of 1 min jump rope (double under attempts for me!) Paired with 10 squat thrusts and 10 pushups.  Aiming for no breaks
-1 hour of steady state cycling!  One of my favorites but so hard to do as my music motivates me and sometimes I want to fly!  Wearing my heart rate monitor helps me maintain a steady pace (I use MyZone).
-30+ minutes of yoga followed by foam rolling and laying on a lacrosse ball in agony, joyful agony.
-get outside!  Hike