Need some extra motivation or a little help moving that body?  Join me during the following times and get ready to sweat!  Location:  Colorado Athletic Club located on 30th St, Boulder, CO.


  • 9am Tighten and Tone (TnT) Bootcamp, $25/session


  • 8am TnT Bootcamp, $25/session
  • 11am B*A*B*Y, free.  Meet in the cycling studio


  • 5:45am Total Body Bootcamp, free


  • 7am Sports Conditioning
  • 7:45am Core, 15 min blast
  • 11am B*A*B*Y, free.  Meet on cardio equipment, expect to train by 11:10.


  • 11:30am Partner Workout, free (currently)

Class Explanations:

Tighten and Tone Bootcamp (TnT):  1 hr of training, with a predominant focus on high intensity strength circuits.  Expect 45 sec to 1 min of a strength piece followed by 45 sec to 1 min of cardio bursts.

B*A*B*Y:  Pre and postnatal fitness.  Wednesdays are cardiovascular training days with a small mix of strength training, pelvic floor work, and belly breathing.  Fridays are strength training days done in a circuit format.  Class is taught with the understanding that everyone is at a different level and must listen to their body and its current demands.  Progressions are offered as are plenty of modifications.

Total Body Bootcamp:  High intensity interval training.  Strength circuits.  Core work.  Stability work.  Expect to be pushed, expect to sweat, and expect to have fun!

Sports Conditioning:  45min class focusing on strength, plyometrics, agility, and flexibility.

Core:  Wrapping up sports conditioning is 15 minutes of pure core work.  Expect fun new ways to work your abdominal region as well as your back.

Partner Workout:  Bring your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, whomever!  This workout is meant to be fun and fast all while producing results.  Suitable for all levels as plenty of modifications as well as progressions are offered.